Pearl Street Arts Center: Education Director

The Education Director is responsible for overseeing all Pearl Street Arts Center education programs, directing day-to-day operations within the Music Academy and strategically planning all ancillary events, including but not limited to recitals, weekly classes, camps, and promotions. The Director will be the sole full-time employee engaging and managing all contracted Academy and education program employees and instructors. S/he will hire, onboard, and train personnel and be responsible for handling any issues that may arise and be the main point of contact for customer relations and personnel issues.

Job Duties:

  • Create, maintain, and monitor weekly program schedules, coaching sessions, mentor programs, performance evaluations, education team meetings, training, onboarding, hiring of new team members, and other duties as assigned.
  • Work with the executive director to create, plan, coordinate, and execute events such as recitals, weekly classes, and camps.
  • Coordinate with other personnel on seasonal promotions.
  • Track monthly growth and goal setting.
  • Hire and onboard new instructors.
  • Database, billing, scholarship, and financial operations.
  • Build customer and school relationships, assist as needed during peak hours, and manage daily tasks.
  • Handle customer relations issues that may arise.
  • Communicate across departments and with collaborators regarding events, programs, promotions, and Academy needs.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Problem Solving:
The Education Director will possess strong process-oriented skills and demonstrate effective problem-solving abilities. Maintaining composure, a positive outlook and a focus on equitable solutions are crucial for ensuring the seamless functioning of operations. An open-minded approach to novel and unconventional solutions, along with the ability to navigate challenges productively and learn from others, is essential. The Education Director must be dedicated to fostering a positive and forward-thinking work environment.

Required: High School Diploma
Preferred: College Degree

Knowledge and Skills:
Required: Time management, leadership, relationship building, strong communication, customer service, project management, music knowledge, and experience working in a similar field.

Preferred: Team building, attention to detail, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, decision making, experience leading/managing a team, conflict resolution, event planning, and delegation.

Years Experience:

Required: 2-3
Preferred: 3-4

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